Sunday, October 18, 2009

Also Coming Soon

Also set for release late this fall/early this winter is our Friends of Kitty Cat Press two volume set. Artists include Caitlin Cunningham, Gary Kachadourian (featured above), Tyler Matta, John Morris, Dina No, Allen Quigley, and many many more. Too many to count, actually.

I just need to fix my stupid printer. Stay tuned for more information.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Coming Soon

Chris Mucci recently sent us his newest portfolio of drawings to be printed in book form. The book will contain about 15 images all made by Mr. Mucci over this past summer. We look forward to the release of his new book this Thanksgiving. Let me know if you would like one!


A good friend passed away not too long ago and I wanted to let everyone see this image of him because you're gonna see it in your dreams from now until forever. Nanook!

Gaarden Records Peeling

Caitlin designed and Jordan screened the four color covers for the new Gaarden Records compilation "Peeling."

Here I am registering the final color.

I'm printing again in the kitchen while trying to not make a mess because we're moving out soon.

And the final step of trimming all the covers. "Peeling" was printing in a limited hand-numbered edition of 100. You can acquire some more information here or here. This compilation is Dustin Wong approved!

John and Jordan Photo Book

Here I am printing up a bunch of cover for the John and Jordan Photo Book back in February. There are only a couple copies of this book around, but I have a bunch of extra covers and I can always print up some more pages to bind together. Let me know if you want one.